An appropriate infrastructure of “quality system” encompassing the organizational structure, procedures and resources is in place. Systematic actions necessary to ensure adequate confidence that a product (or service) will satisfy the given requirements for quality are clearly defined and documented. The totality of these actions is being regularized in our quality assurance department.

Candid’s therapeutic focus is on gastroentestology, musculoskeletal diseases, resistant malaria, cardiovascular disease, psychiatry and antimicrobial drugs. These are company’s highly prized assets and symbol of enterprising approach. Innovation such as tropical three layered (Aluminum/PVC/Aluminum) packing has been sought. This three-layered packaging prevents the products from light and moisture, and thus maintains shelf life of the product. These products have unique cosmetic appearances, effectively combining science and aesthetics.

A technical advisory board consisting of senior experts in manufacturing, regulatory matters and environmental sciences, is in place. The board objectively supports technical as well as administrative structure of Candid Pharmaceuticals, to achieve CGMP compliance through policies and procedures and development programs for personnel both in quality control department and production operations.